My friend Mat just showed me this: Report: iMovie strips FairPlay DRM from iTunes songs. I just did it with a song I bought off of iTunes a couple days ago, and it worked with only one hitch. Exporting as AIFF made a 38 meg file which had to be ran through iTunes to get it to a manageable size.

It's easier to use Hymn, but this would do in a pinch.



I think it's mighty thoughtful of Apple to have provided a DRM management tool built right into iLife 04. But what poor documentation. I never would have known about it from just reading the instructions.


so does this basically convert the aac to aiff, and then you have to recompress it? Wouldn't that lose some quality in the process?


Ack! Would everyone stop talking about iTunes?! We need it in Canada, first! We want to be part of the conversation too!

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before this i wrote two good, one bad after this i wrote things that go beep


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