All this hullabaloo over robots.txt destroying the web is crazy! I mean, why can't I decide what content on my server search engines can index? I think in five years we'll all forget about how they "destroyed the web" by allowing people robots.txt restrictions.

Seriously, describing content is cool. Cool!

Sometimes I feel bad because I can't write these long billowing posts about technology. I wish I had some good opinions on stuff like nofollow or atom/rss poop. But to me it's all just more toys. So thanks everyone for making more toys that might come in handy later if I need them for something cool.

The other day someone said they thought they liked it better in the "good old days" when the web was wild. I don't get that at all. I think the web just gets better. More toys for me to play with. Standards and co-operation. I don't make rollovers by hand anymore. I don't parse query strings by hand. Right this minute I'm in the middle of making a little toy that lets me do something I thought would be fun. I couldn't have done this in 1998 without writing my own web server.

Anyway, I probably embrace new stuff too much. I like new stuff. New stuff means it might be better stuff. I just can't be a grouch about the future because then I wouldn't have any fun.


Adam Michela

"I don't parse query strings by hand."

Haha. Word.

Remember when every app had to start with 20 lines just to parse the URL... and another 20 if you wanted a POST rather than a GET? Those were the days...... NOT!

I can understand how SOMETIMES new stuff can be dangerous.

But who cares about robots.txt and nofollow?! Like you said -- little TOYS. I don't get how so much can be getting said.. err.. repeated about them.

Same with the whole XMLHttpRequest thing. Cool. Sure. But nothing new... and certainly didn't need to be repeated on every blog for 8 weeks after Google's SECOND application using the stuff.

XmlHttp is another toy that has been around for a good bit, and has had alternatives for even longer.

I keep wanting to get into blogging...

But... I think I would have hard time following the "repeat what 100 others already said and say it back to the same people" model. Also, how much ORIGINAL content could "I" possibly think up if so few others can? Would nobody read my blog? That would suck. I'm too much of an attention whore for that.


I'm so glad that someone finally made the connection between the nofollow stuff and robots.txt (as well as redirection of comment-borne links, as Anil did today) -- people, they're the same thing! Getting all worked up around the logical extension of a concept that's been around since 1996 (in the case of the robot exclusion protocol) is just hilarious.


Totally disagree about the xmlhttprequest thing. It's very, very powerful and could be much, much more so if not for the cross-domain restrictions. And yet it gets nearly zero usage. It's not a question of being new. It's a question of *using* something of value.

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