I bought a ticket for the first day of Coachella. I was going to drive up, see the Pixies and then haul ass out of there.

Unfortunately, I have to work. So this ticket is for sale. $100. Hopefully you work in or around Marina del Rey to come pick it up.

When I'm not working 16 hour days, I'm learning Cocoa Programming! And it appears that today Cocoa Dev Central has risen from the grave with a tutorial on using Cocoa bindings!

Couple of links for the morning:

  1. SIZE 12 WEDDING DRESS/GOWN NO RESERVE - This guy is hilarious. (via skampy)
  2. Painless FreeBSD System Updating - It is. It really is.
  3. So I'll throw in a link to a promising new Mac site aimed at those who recently moved to the Mac or move in-between platforms.

More later...

For those of you coming from the Salon article, here are a few Gmail links that I have seen recently:

  1. Gmail design flaw in security.
  2. Gmail Gems a weblog about gmail.
  3. Gmail Forums an unofficial gmail user discussion board.

Also, I would like to say as a gmail beta user, I've been absolutely thrilled with how well it works and was designed. The fact that Google's computers are sensing the content on the page doesn't bother me in the slightest.

It's too bad that the only way to raise awareness for your cause and your own profile is to be outraged on my behalf.

I don't have the time to do this, but maybe someone out there does? Feel free to take this idea.

A web site with user accounts that has a location field (area code?). The ability to, via text message, email, or a function on the site, to submit a license plate of a bad driver. The license plates are grouped according locations like Los Angeles, or states. The state might be set in the user's account, a default state for submissions maybe?

There would be a few false positives, naturally, but the real offenders would show up. This might even be a more useful site for bike riders and pedestrians.

I can also imagine there could be discussion beneath each license plate entry.

Jason linked The Monty Hall Problem in his remaindered links, and it reminded me that I made a web version of the problem for kicks.

It's a bit like actually putting a cat in a box with some cyanide gas, but without the mess.

What is Langalist? Apparently Dropload got mentioned there and we just passed 23,000 users. We're listed under the heading "Bad Name, Good Idea". Hah! Pottle-kettle-black, Fred.

It's a little hard to get excited about new users when I know that it means more bandwidth and HD space and very little $. Um, no $. When did I become such a hippie?

One of my favorite GMail features is plus addressing [?]. I already, with my torrez.org domain, hand out tons of aliases when signing up for things, and so being able to continue that method of tracking where an email address was harvested from is very useful.

Today I received five pieces of spam, all of them were sent to my gmail address without the trailing + part. Meaning, I believe, that spam harvesting spiders are smart enough to clip that little tag off before committing the address to their database. I don't believe I have ever placed my address on a spiderable page without some sort of + addressing tag.

Also, two web forms I have filled out in the past week have filtered the + in my gmail address as a space (which is understandable, it's a method of urlencoding spaces), rendering the account I was creating unusable.

I like the idea of plus addressing, but I am afraid it's not going to be as useful as I had hoped if spam harvesters are clever enough to know when they're being tricked, and web developers are filtering out the plus character in registration pages.

SubEthaTrack is a web server that allows people to place their shared SubEthaEdit documents up for the world to see and edit in real time. Why nobody thought of this sooner is beyond me.


As Andrew Cooke said in his excellent compute mailing list: "One of those odd 'it's very cool, but where exactly is it going?' things..."

A lot of my friends and co-workers, as well as myself, are using an iTunes plugin that puts the current song you're listening to in your AIM status message. It's called iChat Status and it's a fun way to see what your friends are listening to at any moment.

Oh sure, I have to deal with "Andre, what the hell are you listening to Ben Lee for!?" or "Can you zip up that entire Wu-Tang album for me and upload it to your server?" But I like sharing music and turning people on to stuff, so it's cool. (btw, Ben Lee's "Grandpaw Would" is the only album worth listening to)

Anyway, what I'd like to be able to do is point my iTunes at my buddy list and when it notices someone playing a song I own, I'd like it to queue up that song to play when it gets a chance.