I don't have the time to do this, but maybe someone out there does? Feel free to take this idea.

A web site with user accounts that has a location field (area code?). The ability to, via text message, email, or a function on the site, to submit a license plate of a bad driver. The license plates are grouped according locations like Los Angeles, or states. The state might be set in the user's account, a default state for submissions maybe?

There would be a few false positives, naturally, but the real offenders would show up. This might even be a more useful site for bike riders and pedestrians.

I can also imagine there could be discussion beneath each license plate entry.




so like this. but with a better interface.

Andre Torrez

Well that was simple. I even searched Google.

Yeah, I suppose so.

Strangely, after seeing it done I feel less excited by the idea. That one is geared toward persecution versus my goal of providing a place for people to vent over similar perpetrators. I didn't really intend vigilantism. Kinda gross.


very germanic idea


Back in the day I had the idea of developing a local CB network kinda thingy (I'm not very technical) that would allow you to communicate with other cars in your immediate area by dialing their license plate number -- something like CAABC1234. Until I decided that people would probably use it to gripe at and threaten each other, and it would ultimately do more harm than good.

Andre Torrez

Yeah, after I saw baddrivers.org I realized it could easily be used for evil. I had just hoped it would be a sort of support forum for people to commiserate over a bad driver, not to form a death squad.

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