What is Langalist? Apparently Dropload got mentioned there and we just passed 23,000 users. We're listed under the heading "Bad Name, Good Idea". Hah! Pottle-kettle-black, Fred.

It's a little hard to get excited about new users when I know that it means more bandwidth and HD space and very little $. Um, no $. When did I become such a hippie?



yes it is a good name


uh, my guess is that it happened right about the time when your hair dreaded and you started wearing patchouli. oh, and let's not forget the drum circles.

chauncey murdock

dude, "dropload"????
c'mon, wtf????

jason white

Before I knew what dropload was, I thought it might be related to ratemypoo.com. Still beats langalist.

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before this i wrote plus addressing in gmail after this i wrote the monty hall problem


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