It's one thing to see your recent ex-girlfriend's online personal ad on some dating web's a whole other bag of tamales to see it IN THE PAGES OF ESQUIRE MAGAZINE.

It's cool though, we're friends, and I totally support her. Even though I come off as a bad guy for breaking up with her the day before Valentine's Day (which fell on Friday the 13th this year) I don't really mind.

On Friday at 9am she's going to be on the #1 morning radio show in LA discussing the article. So tune in to hear me get beat up on the radio, I guess.

She's cool. I love her. She had more of an influence on my life than any other girlfriend or friend I ever had. I've got my fingers crossed that maybe this will open a door or two for her. She deserves it.

before this i wrote goodnight freedonia? after this i wrote riding on the (la) metro


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