1. Oh shit! Time to switch to Wordpress!
  2. The Site of Unimaginative City Names - I don't know if "City of Industry, Ca" and "City of Commerce, CA" are clever or unimaginative. Going to City of Industry feels a lot like how the early settlers of Greenland probably felt.
  3. One of my favorite time wasting things to do is search Google for phrases people overuse. Andy linked rap and country today (usually preceeded by, "I love all music...")
  4. Whenever I see a job that mentions "401k" my brain thinks it's a salary. There are so few $401,000 a year jobs these days.
  5. Anil is moving to San Francisco. He says a lot of the things I wish I could say.
  6. Pokey The Penguin used to be the #1 online comic strip on the Internet. He says a lot of the things I wish I could say.



Colorado has a Commerce City.
It's a real city of industry.


Pokey fucking owns

I saw a road named "New Road" once.

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before this i wrote how to get a gmail account after this i wrote steve keene art


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