I can vouch for this Mac application. Works like a champ. gCount sits in my menubar and tells me how many new messages I have. Very simple.

Dropload passed the 35k user mark.

My boss is quitting to go to TBWA. One of the most non-web people in my department is now finding a new manager for me by hiring his friend.

"Non-web" is a phrase my boss and I used to toss around when discussing people in our department and clients. A production person who hadn't heard of WaSP was "non-web". A programmer who rolls his own blogging CMS is very "web" (however foolish that might be. Hi, Riggs!). A flash programmer who can't tell you how the OBJECT/EMBED tag soup works is not very web at all. Our latest clients, the ones who said, "Make it XHTML strict!" are frightfully web.

The thing that plagued this company for so long was that there were so few "web" people working in the online department that we'd miss great opportunities because everyone was so concerned with how nice the site looked versus how well it could be maintained or how it worked. We've got lots of pretty sites in our portfolio that companies sloughed off like a dead skin when it came time to extend it.



GAH! I must be web. I rolled my own CMS/Blog. Why oh why did I do that?

Michael Buffington

gCount sits in my tray and tells me how many new emails I've ever had, meaning that even after I've read the email, it doesn't decrement the new email count. Though it increments just fine.


There is a konfabulator widget that allows you to see how many new emails you have and then click on its little icon to open gmail....

Check it out;


Ted Brown

right good talk on DRM. bout time.

Jim Amos

Hey, how about some navigation elements for dropload.com? If I go to the about page the only exit is to the support page - and then back to the about page. I'm not allowed to return to sign up?

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