So it's probably no secret that I'm trying different ways of making money on the web. I'm actively working on several projects, I'm putting advertisments on dropload, as well as here (partly just to see how the system works, partly to pay for a newspaper one Sunday a month).

Most of my ideas involve Amazon (unfortunately) or subscriptions (unfortunately) or that idealistic free-until-later web application idea that only works in every programmers brain and rarely anywhere else.

Jon Gruber is trying something, too—I was one of the first to jump at it and I love the unique RSS url I received for signing up. There's an idea right there for an MT plugin: unique RSS feed keys and reports. Or for a whole business providing reporting and syndication subscriptions for content providers.

The problem I think for me is that the ideas come pretty fast and furious. 95% suck and 5% slightly suck. I really need to work on polishing that 5% and getting behind it enough to put myself out there and not be afraid to fail.



I think feedburner is working in the syndication statistics realm. I haven't tried it, but it tracks your rss feed clickthroughs on a per-item basis, amongst other things.

Andre Torrez

Shows how much I know. Maybe my ideas are only good to me.


How did you manage to convine Google to allow you put ads on a personal page?

Andre Torrez

I don't think Google can be connived.

Michael Buffington

I love some of the idea brainstorming sessions we have, and think you have some definate winners. And I think your ratio is off - try more like 3:1.

Lately, I've been finding that that in regards to the ideas I've come up with, I just need to pick one and run with it. I need to get them to a point where if they ever were to make money, they're at a position to do, and then move on to the next. Eventually, some of my "fruit" reward me, while some rot and fester. Some take the form of rocks and curbs and such, and speak to me in Portuegese, which I don't speak a lick of, but maybe that's something else entirely?

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before this i wrote google globe after this i wrote roomba details


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