The new MacOS pictures are starting to filter out, and one of them appears to show something called a Dashboard. Ignoring for a moment that the "Dashboard" name and new look are pretty non-Mac looking and sounding, and are more likely faked, I do hope Apple is coming out with a widget system like Konfabulator or Stattoo.

I spent some time fidding with Konfabulator and actually made a pretty cool little clock with the help of an artist friend.

But annoyingly, the folks at Konfabulator keep a pretty tight grip on the program that lets you run the widgets, and so getting friends to use my work meant asking them to pay for Konfabulator. Arlo and Perry can charge whatever they want for their stuff, I'm all for capitalism, but I stopped wanting to make anything with their program. There really should have been a better development offer for people making their widgets. I would have been happy receiving a couple of free registrations to hand out to my friends since my widget was included in the gallery.

So now if Apple goes and eats their lunch it's too bad, but it'll mean I can go back to developing these micro-applications.


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