I think my neighborhood just crossed a milestone. I while waiting for my DSL to be re-installed (!) I was fooling with my Airport base station when I noticed a new wireless access point pop up in KisMac.

Named simply "Gondar" (the name of the street one block over) I attempted to connect to it but was rebuffed with a WEP password requirement. Still, I was excited to finally see WiFi finally showing up in my neighborhood.

For the past week I've been living in a "deadzone", with no DSL and lots of friendly (!) Verizon technicians telling me the problem must be the wiring in my house. It turned out someone accidentally switched my phone number with someone else's phone number while installing a phone in my neighborhood. So for about a week I've had someone else's number and no DSL.



Even in my brother's apartment, filled with a bunch of whiny old people, my powerbook picked up a signal with no password required. (!)

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