Larry from OWC responded to this post and we have exchanged emails. While I understand that Benjamin and Larry believe that some spammer happened to pluck that address (or guessed after not having ever guessed my other instant aliases), I think to immediately dismiss the possibility that someone culled some addresses from their database is unfair. Because email is broken does not mean their security isn't. How many reports has Benjamin ignored because he believes there is no chance their database has been compromised?

Two people brought up the fact that I was putting my email address in the wild by posting it to my site. If you do a view-source you'll see that I encoded it using HiveWare's Enkoder Form. No bot is reading my address off that page.

I'm not saying there isn't a chance the email address wasn't found in a log file somewhere along the line. I'm not even saying someone didn't hack into my Mac and find that address. I wrote OWC/ because I had a problem, and all I got in return was spelling mistakes and assurances I was completely and absolutely wrong.



Perhaps they have a policy.


Posting that address now shouldn't make a difference since the address wasn't posted before you got the spam.

I'm thinking one of their employees might be doing something on the side.

You may also want to do some detective work to see where the spam is coming from.

OWC Larry

I have responded in detail and hope you realize how seriously we take any possibility of a hack. We are very proactive in this matter as well.

I assume you have been busy as I had expected more of a reply to the very detailed e-mail I sent. And as I am not as technical as our network admins, I offered to put you in contact with them for a more technical discussion as well.

All that said - just playing devil's advocate - if someone had lifted your address from our database vs. some other random net snoop/sniff or even generation, why in a year's time would you only have gotten 1 or 2 e-mails from non-legitimate e-mail addresses with a scam attempt?

Further - I did not dismiss the possibility - anything that isn't 100% impossible remains a possibility - and perhaps the probabilities that we both look at with the information and vantages we have generate different orders of likelihoods.


FWIW, I received the exact same spam from Nipps Brown on 7/23 *and* I also bought a TiBook cover from OWC a while ago.

Running several sites online, I have a ton of different email addresses that generally fall into 2 categories: those that receive spam and those that, for whatever reason, simply don't. The email address that OWC has on record for me is the same address that received the Nipps Brown spam. That being said, I can count on one hand how many spam emails this account receives in a month, so I find it very interesting in relation to your tale, Andre.

Obviously, I'm not making any claims about OWC; I'm merely stating facts. Normally, I employ the technique, but I think my OWC account predates my awareness of that method.

Also: Did you happen to investigate the Nipps Brown spam? It didn't seem to be pushing anything business-related at all: it was a band website. To me, it appeared like maybe they were trying to get publicity or drive web traffic, as there was no mention of anything being bought, sold, processed, rented, or given away when I investigated their claims.



i am a member of the band and we were very upset that somehow we had also been victimized. whatever it was that affected the site also rendered it useless to us. if you have any advise on how we can reclaim control of the site please help. matt

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before this i wrote is giving away your email address after this i wrote one good, one bad


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