I've gone Netflix crazy over the past couple of weeks—stepping up to the 5 DVDs at a time plan. I've nearly finished the first series of "24", and I have been slowly building a queue of documentaries I've missed over the past couple of years. I don't live in the sort of neighborhood where very many documentaries are available for rent, so I tend to buy a lot of them when renting would do.

I just downloaded Netflix Freak, which provides you with a Mac Cocoa interface instead of the web interface. So far the only advantage I can see is that I can drag and drop my queue.

Added Hacking Netflix's RSS feed as well.



Ah, cool. I'm moving in a month, soon as that happens I'll be subscribing to either Netflix or Greencine, tho I'm currently leaning toward the latter. Wonder if anyone has built similar tools for Greencine..

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before this i wrote macos tiger pics after this i wrote mono fairkeys


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