I had another idea for a site, this one's called DropCash and it was really a group effort. First, Jason designed the pages and did a lot of the thinking about how to present the screens and information to people so it made sense. Then I implemented the TypeKey authentication service so people wouldn't have to remember ANOTHER password/email/user combo (and I wouldn't have to build one). And finally it all rides on top of the excellent PayPal API.

I usually build sites by myself and then open them up for people to comment on them, but this time I tried to spread the work out as much as possible and I'm much happier with the result. I didn't let the project die on my hard-drive like so many other ideas I have.

If you'd like to see a better demonstration of how DropCash does its thing, head over to Gominosensei's site for a more detailed explanation.

Finally, and I'm not joking, here is what is being said about DropCash in this picture:
Me: "I can't figure out why nobody had done this yet."
Jeffrey: "So will you make any money?"
Me: "No."
Jeffrey: "That's why."



I found a bug. If I create a new campaign, enter one email address, vlick Finish and then click back, change the email address and click Finish again, I then have two identical campaigns -- with different email addresses.


I have been begging Amazon.com to do something similar to this with their micropayments, by allowing people to apply micropayments to a specific gift so a group of people can buy something rather expensive for a mutual friend.

Andre Torrez

Could you try out that bug again Cam? I think I have it licked.


Torrez, this is a great idea.


That I must say, is one of the best ideas I have seen in awhile. I'm sure if you had some kind of donation system for that program people would donate.


Set up a continuous Fipi Lele campaign, stat!


Is there any way to edit a campaign once created? It might be nice to have the ability to post encouragements or thank-yous after a campaign has reached, say, 50%. I realize that can be done through the comments, but it'd look better if it was actually more official, if you will. Something along the lines of "Update, 8/18/04, by mike: blah blah blah" below the bit telling about the campaign.

Andre Torrez

Definitely. There will be "archiving" and there will be the ability to close off comments. Making updates to your fundraiser, too.


Another thought is to have the ability to have something on my webpage indicating the percentage that my campaign at, dynamically via DropLoad. Say, including <img src="http://www.dropcash.com/campaign/zempf/test/percent"> would return a generated image indicating that my quest to buy my poor Aunt Mabel a wheelchair is languishing at a lowly 12% of its goal.

Aaron Schaap

It would be nice to view what other people are using DropCash for. Possibly a way to browse or put things into categories.

Tom Munnecke

Neat Idea. I can think of lots of ways of coupling this to other networks:


Keep up the good work.


Fipi Lele

I'm confused why I would want to use DropCash. Not only would I have to have a PayPal account, but I would have to go through the trouble of also creating a TypeKey account which I've never ran into before. For average Joe User, it seems to me that this makes it even more difficult to drop a donation. ??

Andre Torrez

I typed up a long thing that basically said, "read the fine manual".

You don't need a typekey account to drop someone money. You don't even need a paypal account if they can accept regular CC payments.


Stumbled onto Dropcash from (I believe) del.icio.us, and ooo, nice idea!

It would be great to see everyone's campaigns on the main site though, not just our own. That way we can cheer on others, or heck, if we're feeling generous, donate some randomly. :D

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before this i wrote things that go beep after this i wrote best of dropcash, part 1


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