I finally dropped the money to buy a copy of BBEdit 8. If you're going to be buying it, check out the last paragraph on this page for details on how to get it cheaper.

After I installed it, I got rid of that awful icon and replaced it with this non-crappy one over at Hicks Design.

I never understood why everyone was so hot for BBEdit. When I first switched to the Macintosh I was surprised to find out that BBEdit was the best text editor there was. It was ugly and had way too many options (Bare Bones?) to keep track of. It took about a year of trying out other editors—SubEthaEdit lasted for half a year before I got tired of the search command not working correctly. Plus nobody wanted to edit files with me. :(

But when version 8 was released I decided to give BBEdit another chance and I'm glad I did. This morning I needed a regex to re-validate some data coming through a form I'd written. I had previously been allowing anything through and now had a giant text file of both bad and good data. I was able to write a regex "live" in my editor and watch the data filter through. It only took about three revisions and I had a regex (and the data) available to be stuffed back into the database.

From there I was able to copy and paste my expression into the PHP script and it worked.



Could you specify what you mean by "the search command not working correctly"? (Preferable by email)


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before this i wrote magical talking sky elves after this i wrote he said he'd call!


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