My friend Brian just launched a new site called Poetc that gives you two minutes to add a line to the current poem every day. Like his other site, oneword, it uses MovableType's comments to provide a daily piece of content for people to respond to.

I still do not have a proper response formulated for things people have forwarded me that I have already seen. In addition to running FilePile, I read blogs. Lots of them. I have over 200 subscriptions that I actively keep track of, so the chances of me seeing photos of Ron Jeremy seeing his first goatse are pretty high.

I don't want to be rude about it, but I just have no simple way of saying, "seen it" without feeling like a jerk every time.


Ashley Simpson seems to have raised a ton of interest in another infamous SNL performance. A few years back I wrote about Elvis Costello and the Attractions doing "Radio, Radio" on SNL. When the Ashley Simpson thing happened the conversations in all the little PHPBB boards and Fark boards and Honda Acura Fan Site boards and secret file trading boards eventually turned to the subject of his performance, which lead to Google, which led them all to my little server.

I'll put the video back up in a week or so, as soon as the Farkers move back to boobies.

If you can find the song "Radio, Radio" please have a listen.


It's been a while since I'd been farked. Through some coincidence I had called my ISP to fix a billing problem with my credit card, and I thought I'd find out how my bandwidth was doing. Since I'm a friend of theirs I think they give me a little bit of extra rope with this stuff, but we both couldn't believe what we were seeing when we saw my stats for the past day.

Anyway, if you're wondering why is off, it's because I'm doing some cleaning up.

I just bought a copy of the Safari plugin Saft.

In addition to ridding Safari of the brushed metal look, changing what the search box searches, and putting type-ahead searching in the browser, Saft will also restore all the windows you were viewing when Safari crashes. It also does a lot more.

$10 is cheap for this type of functionality. Plus the nag screen is annoying.

Annoyed by my local Carl's Jr. drive-thru giving me a BBQ Chicken Sandwich instead of the Six-Dollar Burger I ordered, I wrote them an email. The response was:

"I assure you that every effort is being made to correct this situation. I have contacted the District Manager regarding your experience."
Okay, that's nice of you...

"I would like to invite you to give us one more chance, on us! I am mailing you some Second Chance coupons good for either a free Famous Star Hamburger or a BBQ Chicken Sandwich. I know there is really nothing that can excuse or make up for the situation you described, but we would love the chance to regain your trust."

I finally saw the Simpsons episode where this site's domain name came from. I figured I might as well link them. That name stuck in my head even though I had no idea it was a Simpsons line.

We measure milliseconds in metric but not seconds. There are no millimiles or decafeet. This is all I've been thinking about at work today.

Dear Flickr API,
You said you'd call. I wrote you a request for an API key and so far nothing. I thought things were going well. I even signed up for a pro account and joined the Flickr API discussion list in good faith. I fired off my API request and nothing.

I really like you. Please call.


I finally dropped the money to buy a copy of BBEdit 8. If you're going to be buying it, check out the last paragraph on this page for details on how to get it cheaper.

After I installed it, I got rid of that awful icon and replaced it with this non-crappy one over at Hicks Design.

I never understood why everyone was so hot for BBEdit. When I first switched to the Macintosh I was surprised to find out that BBEdit was the best text editor there was. It was ugly and had way too many options (Bare Bones?) to keep track of. It took about a year of trying out other editors—SubEthaEdit lasted for half a year before I got tired of the search command not working correctly. Plus nobody wanted to edit files with me. :(

But when version 8 was released I decided to give BBEdit another chance and I'm glad I did. This morning I needed a regex to re-validate some data coming through a form I'd written. I had previously been allowing anything through and now had a giant text file of both bad and good data. I was able to write a regex "live" in my editor and watch the data filter through. It only took about three revisions and I had a regex (and the data) available to be stuffed back into the database.

From there I was able to copy and paste my expression into the PHP script and it worked.