I still do not have a proper response formulated for things people have forwarded me that I have already seen. In addition to running FilePile, I read blogs. Lots of them. I have over 200 subscriptions that I actively keep track of, so the chances of me seeing photos of Ron Jeremy seeing his first goatse are pretty high.

I don't want to be rude about it, but I just have no simple way of saying, "seen it" without feeling like a jerk every time.



Have you seen that new Ashlee Simpson iPod? Hillarious.


Dude, I already saw this gripe over at Anil's.


When I went to London, I saw the shuttle driver using a device that looked similar to this. He said that it receives radio signals. I really do not think that this was an original idea, but I am glad that it is available here in the U.S.A. as well. The device found in the U.K. had a moving map display and tied to GPS, so in a way Europe is way ahead as far as high tech is concerned.


I have no idea what jimbo is talking about, but i feel your pain. When monkeyfarts.org was still in production, it was interesting to see what memes were still alive out there and always showing up in my inbox. It'd actually be interesting to set up something that would read the inbox contents and track how popular certains memes are by how frequently they get forwarded. Kind of like Das Meme (http://andrewburke.org/dasmeme/) for your inbox.

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