I just bought a copy of the Safari plugin Saft.

In addition to ridding Safari of the brushed metal look, changing what the search box searches, and putting type-ahead searching in the browser, Saft will also restore all the windows you were viewing when Safari crashes. It also does a lot more.

$10 is cheap for this type of functionality. Plus the nag screen is annoying.



To get rid of the brushed metal everywhere for free, you should check out Whiteout. (http://www.suicidegirls.com/apps/whiteout/) I've been using it forever, and it's great.

Andre Torrez

Ahh, good idea. Luckily Safari is the only app I use besides the finder that has brushed metal.


I actually ended up buying a Saft license for all its widgets, but especially for the full screen view. It was perfect for browser based slide presentations when projected via projector.

Plus, it'll be embarrassing to have the registration nag message appear during a presentation.


How can a sliver of brushed metal fifty pixels in height at the top of your Safari window annoy you so much?

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