Annoyed by my local Carl's Jr. drive-thru giving me a BBQ Chicken Sandwich instead of the Six-Dollar Burger I ordered, I wrote them an email. The response was:

"I assure you that every effort is being made to correct this situation. I have contacted the District Manager regarding your experience."
Okay, that's nice of you...

"I would like to invite you to give us one more chance, on us! I am mailing you some Second Chance coupons good for either a free Famous Star Hamburger or a BBQ Chicken Sandwich. I know there is really nothing that can excuse or make up for the situation you described, but we would love the chance to regain your trust."


Andre Torrez

I should mention: I HATE Chicken. Hate it. Disgusts me.


my first time here in a while...i just wanted to say when i found slime mold in my Progresso Chicken Noodle Soup they sent me two free coupons for Progresso Chicken Noodle Soup.

it's a corporate thing, I guess.


I guess it's their way of saying, 'Learn to live with it.'


The b*stards at Jiffy Lube didn't put a part back in place the last time they changed my oil. The part melted onto the engine block, costing me $45 to replace it. Their response: You can't prove it was our fault, but we'll give you an oil change on the house.

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before this i wrote damn hell ass kings after this i wrote saft for safari


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