My friend Michael who runs Wordphoto sent out a request for help in keeping wordphoto alive (bandwidth probs!) and his request was answered.

Even more impressive is this Toy Drive being held by AcuraZine. $5,000 worth of Matchbox cars is an awesome idea for a gift, I pitched in a couple of dollars, why don't you?

Speaking of pitching in, I realized today while looking over the database, I've handed out nearly $200 in testing and helping people get their campaigns rolling. It boggles my mind sometimes when I think about the free sites and the time I spend working on them, and I still haven't managed to get any of them to turn a profit. It's like I'm not even trying.



andre, you're the man.


andre, you aren't trying.

to make a profit anyway.

Adam @ AcuraZine

Hey Andre-

Thanks for the shout-out!

... and even more thanks for the donation!

I did a double take as I was scanning through my Live Bookmarks and saw this post!

Viva la DropCash!

Adam @ AcuraZine


We ended our competition last night, we won (The kids really won) heftily with $3,790.23 (Over 75% of our lofty goal!) :)

We've already purchased over 4,000 individual Hot Wheels cars and we still have ~$2,000 left over!

We're trying to find something for the girls, and the rest will be donated by check to Toys for Tots.

While the competition is over, we're continuing to accept donations up until the 20th when we plan to unload the goodies on T-f-T.

Meanwhile, I've helped a client get setup on DropCash for a Troop Support Campaign!

Taking into account these two campaigns and our Support Firefox campaign, I've helped contribute to over 21% of the “Total Cash Dropped” and I could not be more proud!

It is going to be a very merry christmas for many thanks to DropCash!

Happy Holidays Andre, Jason, and DropCash!

- Adam Michela

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