I just rolled through this list of the top 100 overlooked films compiled by the online film critics society and netflixed a bunch of them.

Miller's Crossing definitely deserves to be at the top of that list. I was on Amazon's DVD waiting list for that one to get released and have watched it almost as much as #17 on that list.

Zero Effect written and directed by Lawrence Kasdan's son Jake is a classic movie mystery set in Portland. It's something of an homage to Sherlock Holmes but you don't need to know anything about those stories to get this film. The movie has a weak ending that is a bit of a let down, but the rest of the movie is so good you'll hardly notice. Ryan O'Neil plays his "red-faced, emotional guy" as good as any other film he's been in, and Ben Stiller is a good foil for Bill Pullman. Bill Pullman! This movie made me want to get a little Bill Pullman tattoo on my butt.

The commentary track is also very good. Jake later directed some episodes of "Freaks and Geeks", including the pilot, but nothing else worth noting. His IMDB page doesn't even show him working on anything at this moment.



"Miller's Crossing" is great, the Coen's best movie so far, but I might have put "Heavenly Creatures" or "Dead Man" at the top of the list. "Dead Man" is my favorite of the movies in the top 15, but it got a lot of critical buzz when it came out, so maybe it's not really "overlooked" in some sense.

"Pump Up the Volume" at #38 is, ahh, mysterious to me. At least Beat Takeshi trumped it with "Fireworks".


The film that I'm constantly lobbying folk to see wasn't on the list - Grand Canyon; directed by Lawrence Kasdan (1991).

Its simple but touching views on life, free will and fate had a huge impact on me.

Hey, but that's just me.

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before this i wrote typekey wiki after this i wrote go see cal


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