Even though Brent has said many times (even putting it in text in the software itself) that the sync function in NetNewsWire 2.0 beta needs work, I was wondering if anyone had figured out a work-around or cause of this bug.

It's keeping me from using NNW at work and it's bumming me out.

But this is cheering me up like a cheap, hollow chocolate bunny.



I had the same problem with NNW. Trashing the preferences did the trick for me. I haven't tried syncing since. One wonders why it's even enabled at all...

Brent Simmons

The syncing feature is enabled because there are some people testing it and reporting bugs. It's definitely not recommended for general use yet.

We will fix that bug (and others) before 2.0 ships.


i love cheap, hollow chocolate bunnies


The thing is, the synth tone on a midi track is richer than the one used in the original song. That's like, irony! Except not.


i would have never though fp would go up for sale.

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