My job title changed three times. Anil saved my blog. Dropcash topped $20,000. Dropload is appearing in MacWorld and this web site would have as well if it weren't for the phrase "Damn Ass Hell Kings" used a few weeks back. I accepted money for an account on a web site I run. I'm telling you, it's been weird...

Watched my company's online Christmas card blow up. Experienced what it's like to be on the other side of ill-informed, self-righteousness (Onion headline: Old Man Thinks Website Was Designed To Target Him, Writes Blog Entry Concerning Vagisil's Confusing Imagery). The video is for our clients to laugh at and possibly get people to click over to our company site...which you did...and read generous portions of...which you did...and then you linked it...gee, that sounds like the marketing worked.

"Semi-Professional writer" indeed.

When you want to dress up and pretend to be Mr. Anti-Corporate Warrior, be sure to remove that Google banner from your site, Ché.

before this i wrote google suggest after this i wrote when all of us get famous


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