This seemed a lot funnier when I first copied and pasted it from a chat window this afternoon. Now at 6pm it's not nearly as funny. They were files that we waited all day Friday for.

Me: We didn't get the files until Monday morning, so we're still getting a handle on the CSS.

Them: I sent the code Saturday morning

Me: We're not open on Saturday

Me: Or sunday

Them: Oh.

By coincidence I watched Black Hawk Down last night, followed by a Frontline episode titled A Company Of Soldiers.

The Frontline episode, incidentally, is causing some commotion over the 13 expletives the soldiers utter during the filming. For all the violence and senseless dog killing, saying "goddamn" after an unarmed citizen (who at the time is writhing in the back seat of his car) is killed by a ricochet is a big no-no.

My local PBS station ran the censored version, which was surprising considering the article says the LA affiliate was going to run it. I'm wondering if DirecTV requested a different feed or KCET flaked at the last moment.

I am a micropatron

The idea of Jason doing this even scares me a little. Of course, if I quit my job to write on this site full-time I'd be looking for a new job by noon.

Good luck to Jason and anyone who tries this in the future.