My friend Matt pointed out how some people's sites he reads are evolving into a handful of links sprinkled with some jokey commentary. It's true, I'm one of those people he's referring to. I promised myself I'd get stuff up on this site this year and part of that has meant that I fall back on links, rather than what I should be doing which is just sitting down for twenty minutes and writing something when I have the time. Quality over quantity, maybe.

Part of why I've been so excited about and using it to post links is that I'm writing some API thing that will make it simpler for me to publish my links to TypePad. I guess I've gone a bit overboard. I see a lot of links in a day, and sometimes I just want to save them for my own use, so why not get them up on the site too? Unfortunately TypePad doesn't allow the finer tuning of widths and styles that might be needed, so I'm working to help get around that.

One thing about using TypePad is that it forces you to be a little creative with how you do things. It's kind of like what Matt (the hater) said about people liking limits. I chose to work with TypePad rather than my own MT install for a few reasons, but chief among them is that I liked the idea of being constrained with a very narrow-use blogging application. If MovableType is the car then TypePad is my scooter.

I picked TypePad because I find it makes me think more creatively about solutions for getting it to do what I want it to do. I figure there's a lot of people out there who might be dealing with those same problems but not know how to program, and that's just the kind of group I like to help out.


Matt Haughey

I should clarify that I've also gotten a bunch of email from folks asking me to please stop putting photos and links in my feed. So maybe I spread that hate onwards accidentally.

Personally, I see my site becoming something like Leonard's randomfoo, where it's a bit of a megaportal of all these different services, and ideally, I'd like to combine them all into one feed somehow, but now I'm thinking that might be a bad idea. Perhaps I could do a "text posts only" feed as the default, with my photos, links, and cumulative feed separate from that, to please everyone.

Matt Haughey

Dave just wrote about this too:

Oh, and by "feed" in my first post, I mean RSS of course, and to please folks like Dave.

Andre Torrez

I really don't understand the fuss. I enjoy any Matt Haughey content, regardless if it's links, photos, commentary, or embedded in a Google Ad-Sense PowerPoint. I mean, I subscribe to because I want stuff you've made or are interested in, even if I could choose a specific feed I wouldn't.

How many people *don't* complain about photos in your feed? I know I don't and won't ever complain about it.

Otto Chogenbaakner

Words take time to read, and therefore I can take them in slowly, roll them around in my head, and decide that what I'm reading is pure and filthy garbage made for astronauts to eat in space with all the water removed. They have to wet that stuff with their own spit you know. Anything that gets better with your own spit must not be that good to begin with, except for some things like Pop Rocks.

Anyways, a picture just jumps right out at you and takes over your eyes. You can just look at one corner and say to yourself "OK, I'm finished with that corner, lets move a bit to the right and see what's there." It just jumps out at you and harnesses your vision thoughts and you're stuck with it. It's like when you wake up to a cat trying to smother your face. You have fur in your eyes and claws digging into the sides of your head. What can you do?

Pictures in feeds are cats.

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