We have a new IA at work helping with our site re-design and we've become lunch friends, usually talking about some idea for a site or project. Today while walking back from eating he brought up something that had happened the previous week. We had been at my desk and Andy IM'd me that Dropcash was mentioned in a Nature.com story of a talk given at ETech. I pointed it out to him, and then, according to him, downplayed it to the point of apologizing for even bringing up the subject. I am pretty sure I said something like, "Oh, it's this stupid thing I did..."

He said it was a peculiar reaction to something someone should be proud of, and we talked about how it's my general reaction to any projects I do being discussed.

I decided on our walk back from lunch, that this attitude is rooted in two things.

  1. At work I'm totally on it when it comes to pointing out our tech team's projects, yet when I'm doing stuff outside of work I feel that it's "play" and so I don't take it as seriously. Had someone at ETech discussed my very cool dynamic javascript publishing CMS which fakes dynamic content for Sony's Latin America web site, I'd probably be all over it. I'd have shirts made. But stuff like announcing TKPal not so much.
  2. Lana Turner was discovered at Schwab's Drugstore sipping soda. I have some idealistic dream of someone calling me up from the minors I think. That sounds so lame.

But yeah, I creep people out sometimes when I start sentences with, "I have this really stupid idea, but..."

PS, go help out the Moped Army if you're so inclined. They're using Dropcash.

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