So growing up we had these "opposite birthdays" where my mom would wish us a "happy special day" and possibly get us a small gift. I can't say for sure, but I think it came about after my sister moved out to attend college and my mom wanted to cheer us up. Since my birthday is on September 27th, my special day fell in late March. I chose March 25th due to liking the number 25.

I moved out of the house about 15 years ago, so our special days have turned into a phone call or a letter in the mail, occasionally she'll get us a small present, but most of the time it's just an observation of the tradition.

Easter fell a bit earlier in the year than normal, and I had to call my mom to tell her I might not be coming to her Easter dinner due to some stuff I needed to take care of this weekend. She reminded me that she only wants me home for two holidays (Christmas--Jesus, Easter--Jesus) (guilt), it was also near my special day (guilt) and maybe I could find the time (guilt) to drive a few miles north and see her and my dad (guilt). She also mentioned that she had purchased a "special day" gift for me off my Amazon wish-list and I should be seeing it in the mail soon (e-guilt).

Long ago my mom recognized how much I enjoy hearing how she did something on the computer after I nearly cried when she told me she installed a new driver for her mouse, so now it's one more "guilt bomb" she can drop on me. Not only did she BUY me something off Amazon, she did it all on her own, finding my wish-list and entering her credit card information. So now I *had* to come. Jesus had risen from the DEAD, I could drive 2 hours to eat a roast with my mom.

So I had a roast with my mom on Sunday.

I get back into the office on Monday and I see there's a package from Amazon waiting for me. I was curious to see what my mom chose from my wish-list. I have tons of things I didn't really want, so I was curious if she had figured out how to use it correctly. I also hoped there wouldn't be something outrageous like a Sony PSP or a new camera, as that would be crossing a line, buying my attention.

So what was it she bought me? Why what any Catholic mom would choose while strolling through their son's wish-list while trying to get him to come home for Easter, The Jesus & Mary Chain, of course!

I got the new Sony PSP in an amazing peer-induced hysteria. I showed up to work today and some of the guys were making a run for the Toys 'R Us down the road. Before I knew what I was doing I had committed to buying one.

Now that I have it in my hands it's an amazing gadget. Can I call it a gadget? Appliance? It's beautiful. The screen is beautiful. The fact that it has a USB port and real working, standards compliant (AFAIK) WiFi is incredible. The number of applications that could be written seem limitless.