Cov_pocketref My Pocket Ref just arrived in the mail (thank you Amazon Prime). I thumbed through one of these once at a friend's house while we tried to figure out how to tie a certain knot, but I had forgotten the name. The other night I saw it on an episode of Mythbusters so I immediately ordered it.

I'll probably never need to decipher proofreader marks, convert furlongs to feet, or signal a crane operator, but I've always been the sort of person who enjoys having that kind of data at my fingertips. Google and the web are still great for finding nuggets of information that possibly answer your question, but there's always that moment of deciphering and extracting what you were looking for. Pocket Ref features simple tables and entries arranged in a very readable manner that still beats the web. And you can put it in your pocket.

I had never heard this quote from Heinlein before. The astoundingly appropriate quote for today showed up in this interview with George Kelly.

Good quote for my first day back at work where there's a lot of people running around with their only hammer smashing everything like it's a nail.

This Adaptive Path essay is both exciting and really pissing me off. Sorry, I was in Italy for a couple of weeks so I missed out on this the first time around.

The most retarded sentence in it is: "Curious, inventive people are making cool stuff again." Um, hello? WTF? "Again"? I really don't know how to respond to that other than to feel really insulted and feel like anything people made three or four years ago was somehow "boring" because there wasn't any money attached to it. It's like when people say something as asinine as "Music is getting exciting again!" and the rest of us are like, "No, you just weren't paying attention."

Anyway, yes, there's more money that seems to be available for people who have been building these apps, but the suggestion that people who make these sites are only now springing to life when money is available is kind of disappointing. I hate the equation that $1 million in funding == EXCITING OPPORTUNITIES. It's how you fools lathered yourselves into the last bubble.

The exciting part for me is seeing friends, acquaintances, and heroes from years past finally getting recognition for their work; and yes, hopefully money to keep doing the stuff they like to do.

It's never been the technology that makes things cool for me, it's how the idea is executed. Tags, Ajax, RoR, RSS, XML, blogs, Java, VRML... if your focus is on the neat technology shoehorned into some idea to make money then you're going to be up to your ass in sock puppets again.

I was in Italy with my gf for a couple of weeks. Two weeks of no Internet or web browsing (okay, 10 minutes of + Kottke + Waxy in the hotel but the connection died and never came back). We went to Sardinia (Alghero), Rome, then Venice. It was highly enjoyable and relaxing—and nothing to do with the Pope, I swear.

As is my M.O., I told hardly anyone I was going. It felt nice to just disappear for a bit. Drop out. (Only Dakota noticed).

We just got back a few minutes ago and I wanted to check my mail and make sure nothing awful happened. Nothing awful happened. In fact I think I like this whole spend more than 36 minutes (my current commute) away from the computer.

That said, I should go to sleep. I have the wobbly jet lag bends. It's like 11am somewhere and I should be sipping an espresso and nibbling on some prosciutto (which my auto-correction is trying to change to prostitute...)