well, everyone loves the treo 650, if you still want the full keyboard.

Michael Buffington

I'm looking to ditch the sidekick also. We can go phone shopping! Mine needs to be able to do IM over a GPRS connection, have fully qwerty, but let me use the net connection over Bluetooth. I think that phone doesn't yet exist (unless the Treo 650 is the one). Oh, it needs at least a megapixel camera on it too.

Some sales guy at T-Mobile told me to hold out because the Sidekick 3 was coming, and it would have Bluetooth. I believe him mostly because I was ready to purchase an expensive phone on the spot, and he told me to save my dough.

Andre Torrez

What I want: Sidekick + GPRS + Bluetooth that allows me to browse via my laptop.

Hell, if they'd just let me access the internet through the USB port I'd be happy.

Leonard Lin

Treo 650: hi-res screen, bt, full net access. Has really good sync w/ iSync. It also has some *really* awesome net-enabled apps that make searching for doing online stuff (addresses, movie times/tickets, etc, a snap) Only caveat is that early hardware was a bit buggy. And no python or perl like the latest symbian phones. Also, doesn't multitask, oh, and no 1MP camera mr. robot. Here's a detailed review comparing to Sidekick:

Moto A630 - teeny, bt, keyb, mail, aim, but only wap. So cute though.

Blackberry 7100 - looks really neat, has web, bt won't sync w/ isync right now (but supposed to in near future), worth checking out perhaps (it's cheap, works great as a phone. also, the two-letters-per-key qwerty predictive text is super impressive)

re: sidekick 3 -- everything from danger has been empty promises. it'll be a cold, cold day before I ever buy anything from them again.


Just spoke to a rep from danger the company that makes the sidekick and he said that sk3 is still in production

steven bartovsky

i also talked to a sales guy at tmobile and he said that the sk3 was coming out in may/ HOLY CRAP! thats way to long anybody want 2 tell me more about the sidekick 3 cause right now im kinda pissed that my sk2 is so amatuer anybody that knows about the sk3 please tell!

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