I'm sick of five star ratings. Five stars in relation to what, exactly? I trust groups rather than individuals, and would like to make my purchasing decisions based on that.

I sound cranky for some reason. I'm not cranky, I just hope that if you're out there contemplating a five star rating system, you re-think what you want people to actually get out of the experience.

The SEOs who are going to burn in hell might have something to do with my mood today.

I give up. The SEO goons have won this round as I've taken Everything TypeKey down for re-tooling. You can still access the site, you just can't edit it. Please tell me if there are any missing pages or links to SEO spam.

Instiki needs TypeKey support!

Memorail My sister and I have always called it "Memorail Day" due to the fact that the town we grew up in had a park called Memorial Park, and next to it a store that mistakenly (I think) spelled their name "Memorail Park Grocery".

The store's fa├žade underwent a series of facelifts through the years, but the name has always stayed the same.

This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

Unfortunately the only thing I can post from flickr is the above test post message. Nothing else works. I wanted to show you this picture of Uranus. Oh well.