I'm sick of five star ratings. Five stars in relation to what, exactly? I trust groups rather than individuals, and would like to make my purchasing decisions based on that.

I sound cranky for some reason. I'm not cranky, I just hope that if you're out there contemplating a five star rating system, you re-think what you want people to actually get out of the experience.

The SEOs who are going to burn in hell might have something to do with my mood today.



I like five star ratings. 3 stars average, 2 poor, four good, 1 bad, five great. 0 stars = horrific. Or you can simplify down to three stars, with 2 as average and 1 poor and three great, and it still works. Where it falls apart is when you try an use 10 stars. Then your better off switching to a percentile rating system. But don't knock star ratings - far better than this whole 'A blogger' rating thing, etc. Where do you stop with that? Why F+ and D- instead of using a bigger range, such as A through to M? Anyways, I think I should be moving along now... ;)

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