You know you've gone and fell into something good when you leave work on your first day and you see a deer walking across the street. And so you wait for the deer to cross the road, and the person coming the other direction, who has undoubtedly seen this sort of thing many times, calmly looks down at his cell phone or latte and waits for the deer to decide what the deer is going to do.

John just published a list of FM's values that make me feel pretty good about what we're going to be doing here. I'm proud to work somewhere that not only understands what weblogging is about, but understands how important it is to keep those conversations authentic or else it'll all just fall apart.

Like I said, I sure fell into something good.

My friend Mat and I talked a bit this morning about the Minor Threat / Major Threat ruckus going on right now. He called me cynical for equating it with some t-shirt vendor selling a shirt with "McPothead" written on it in a McDonald's font.

I'm not going to get into any debates about what punk is or isn't, that's for whoever to decide on their own. I just think that caring about imagery so much as to create a lifestyle around it is falling in the same trap so many people rebelled against a few years ago. Treating your beliefs like a pair of Jordache jeans is what they want you to do.

I love the remix culture, and I will try to consistently support it when I see it.

I'm in Marin this week living in a hotel where the only Internet access, described cheerfully by the woman at the front desk turned out to be "a data-port in the side of your room's phone."

After a few hours hacking away with incorrect information given to me by the Cingular rep (who chuckled when I said I was using a Macintosh) I finally figured out how to connect at a whopping 56kbps. I even made a phone call while connected!

Anyway, this guy's mobile phone modem scripts saved me from going insane. Everything you need to know is on his site.