I'm going to follow Anil's lead and put a call out for something in the Cole Valley/Noe Valley area. Living a block south of Haight has been nice, but if I hear "Yo, bitch, I said 'STEP THE FUCK OFF!'" one more time from this window I'm seriously going to go down there and explain to the gentleman the merits of a respectful, two-way relationship. Or something.

Also: walking + hills = holy fuck.



Crashing at my place is still an option if you want it. Our PCP-addled neighbor Jeff will be happy to wave a broomstick at you.

Jason DeFillippo

Yeah, I'm a block south of Haight myself and I'm moving a little more "inland" soon for the same reason. Wonder if we're hearing the same conversations.

Andre Torrez

Are they all eating McDonald's and carrying Amoeba bags?

Donovan Phillips

Living in San Francisco seems like a bit on the crazy side to me. Visiting is nice, but actually LIVING there?



Living here is the wonderful. I live a block north of Haight, and never have any issues. Well, I mean, except for when we were mugged at gunpoint.


chalk it up to "local flavor."


Unfortunately, local flavor in the Haight usually tastes like pee.

Not that I don't love it here, I genuinely do. You probably would too if you would just STEP THE FUCK OFF, bitch.

Jason DeFillippo

Yeah, I'm on the corner of Waller and Schrader. Definitely hearing the same abnoxious people. My straw broke last night when I came home from work and a guy was pissing on the tree in front of my door. In broad daylight. It wasn't like this for the past 4 months. They've come out of the woodwork in the past 2 weeks. Annoying as all hell.


The weather's wonderful here in Duboce Triangle/Lower Haight. Great transportation, not so much mugging, and near the Safeway. Plus, no fog!


yeah, the lower haight is great, as long as you choose the right street. around duboce park is great. east of filmore, not so great.

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