I can't remember if I'd ever brought this up, but I had an idea for desserts at restaurants. It's always so difficult to decide on what dessert to get, and sometimes you don't even want a whole cheesecake or tort, so how about some restaurant serves spoonfuls of dessert?

Imagine it: 50¢ a spoon for cheesecake, apple pie, maybe two apple pies, a cherry pie, some angel food cake with strawberries...



With a $2 minimum?

Jordan Brock (RegisteredTrademark)

Ferran Adria, the chef at El Bulli, serves an entire meal that is like this ... something like 30 odd courses, some consisting of only a duck egg, others with a serve of foam made from soy sauce.

Food wankery to be sure, but there's a year long waiting list to get in to his restaurant.


It better be a pretty big spoon...


There is no spoon.


Sorry, had to be done. ;)

Jaime Macias

The dessert is free, but you have to rent the spoon...


I think it's a fine idea.


i love that idea. i ate a restaurant in italy that had a dessert sampler. 5 tiny pieces of cakes and torts and what not for the price of one dessert. delish!


Yeah, I've seen "samplers" at other fancy restaurants.

But don't do what the mother of my friend would do: order a slice of cake, take one or two bites and then send it back. Not cool!

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