If you are a making a website, and you have the need for a checkbox or radio button, please (for the love of god or God) use the "label" tag to make that text clickable:

<input type="checkbox" value="on" name="somethin" id="somethin"><label for="somethin">Check Me Out</label>

I can not stress enough how important that is. Check it out:


Andre Torrez

Yes, I am home on a Saturday writing web development HOWTOs, so what?


The text doesn't seem all too clickable in Safari.


The markup seems fine:

[input type="checkbox" value="1" name="somethin" id="somethin"]
[label for="somethin"]Check Me Out[/label]

but it's not clickable in safari 2.0

Fred Blasdel

Yup, doesn't work in Safari 2.0, on this page, nor syndicated through Bloglines.


Until Safari supports <label> clickability, there's a Javascript solution that works pretty well.

Ted Ernst

hey, cool! (firefox works fine)

Adam Conover

Works in Firefox, doesn't work in NetNewsWire. (But honestly, how big of a deal is that?)


Symantically delicious!


I really wish Safari would support label.


Changing the cursor to a hand provides a nice reference point for the end-user to know that the label is indeed clickable.



Been around for at least five years (sticks in my mind because I remember Jason Kottke pointing it out: http://www.kottke.org/00/09/one-of-the-reasons-i or http://tinyurl.com/8qwkk), but I suspect tweaks like this mainly get used on personal sites as the novelty of churning out page after corporate page wears off. Or I'm just jaded and speaking for myself ;)

Andre Torrez

wetwebwork: yeah, that's where i first saw it too.

i just posted this while drinking on a saturday night and trying to use some web app that hadn't included them. lots of hit/miss clicking going on.

i hope more people who do corporate sites use this technique, though.

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