How is this DRM different from this DRM?

I bought my copy of Agile Rails Development after using a copy purchased by someone else. Their name was at the bottom of each page, and though it was kind of weird seeing it over and over, it didn't seem like such a big deal...I bought my own copy soon after because the book was worth buying.

But now the more I think about it, I'm just encouraging these folks to start pasting my information in my documents, documents that could get pilfered in a laptop theft or accidental folder sharing—there are plenty of stories of P2P app users accidentally sharing their entire HD.

Whenever I see some strange DRM scheme I think about any of the introductions to one of Cory Doctorow's books. The ones where he points out he's given away hundreds of thousands of digital copies AND gone through numerous print editions. I still buy his books because they're easy to read as a book, would cost me a heck of a lot more to print it, and yeah, I want to support him as a writer.

Anyway, Cory tells it better than me, you can read it for yourself (gosh!) on his site.

Oddly enough I spent most of my birthday alone in our office, since everyone was out and working remote, I had I pretty quiet day in Ross.

My girlfriend and I ask each other how or days went at the end of the day, and tonight I will say it was a "good" day, though it's become harder to answer that question recently. Every day I make a list of the things I need to do, carrying over un-finished items from the previous day, and then with some respect to priority go about crossing them off. Repeat.

Before I started here, if I got a majority of them done I'd consider it a "good" day. If I got all of them done, giving myself the afternoon to screw with some new API, that was even better.

I don't know where I was going with this, or maybe I do, but though my days are "good" (in that I get a lot of things done) sometimes they aren't the things I need to be doing to get further with my main objective here. Having the flexibility of a larger company, with options for delegation (and producers waving schedules) and feeling out how to proceed with other engineers, are missed on a day when I am literally alone and running through my tasks.

That's why it's been hard to say I had a "good" day. Pretty much every day is a good one when I really think about it, but some days I feel like I ran five miles and only got about five feet. Today is one of those days.

PS, I'm about a million times happier in what I do now compared to before, in case that wasn't clear. I think turning 33 (1/3 of 100! I exclaimed to Amber this morning), sitting in the dark in this stable house, and seeing my days fly by with a bunch of crossed off items but many more pages to fill in my little moleskine, is a bit daunting. But I wanted daunting tasks, and daunting tasks I have.

PPS, I actually wrote this on a day where I got the chance talk to another engineer about the project and I think it reminded me of what I used to have, causing me to reflect on my current situation. Since he's contributing more and more now, I think it will help lift me out of this state.

PPPS, This is the first post in a long time I've written and not immediately sent to draft in MarsEdit for being so personal. It's my birthday, dammit.

I did not know the back-story of the song "Ring of Fire". It makes me love Johnny, June, and the song that much more.

I clipped the story out of an episode of TAL and put it here temporarily. Shh. Though I suppose you could use that yucky real media and fast-forward to the last act.