Old Boards In The Basement 
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Seeing these boards this weekend stirred up some memories. I have to dig out and scan my 'zines and photos from that period. You gotta see my hair, dude. Fucking ruled.

Totally gnarly.

A few went missing, broke, I sold or gave away. My favorite is still here though, the Corey O'Brien (link). I learned all sorts of kick-flips on that one. It was the second to last board I had before I quit and went to college. The final board I had was (not pictured) by Tom Knox.

Tom Knox was this kid who skated in Fresno/Tulare. He had a great style on street and would thrown in a 70's style turn in his runs of boneless airs and fancy kick flips.  I worshiped his style, and about the time I was quitting he had gone pro. I went down to the skate-shop and bought the board even though I barely ever skated. I still have that one in the closet somewhere.

That blue Caballero is signed by Steve Caballero, Lance Mountain, and Tony Hawk. Some skate jam in Fresno I think. My friend and I got up to go get his signature and he forgot his board where we were sitting, he ran back but it was gone. That was Damien, he died a few years later in a car accident. We were pretty good skating friends and used to take breaks and talk about our future and stuff. I still remember skating this parking block for 8 hours with him and learning how to do no-complies across this gap. Man that's hard to talk about, even now. I didn't even go to his funeral.

Notable Missing Boards:

--Original Powell & Peralta Rat Bones (gave it to Kevin Phillips who promptly sawed it into a hosoi copy)
--Hot Pink Tony Hawk, the one that was really narrow and had a lot of concave.
--Rob Roskopp #2
--Natas Kaupas - I just remember it being black. I'll have to find it online...
--John Lucero - It had an elephant on it. I loved that board but gave it away to some kid who ended up selling it.

Can someone help me identify that center Santa Cruz board? It had an "Enjoy Coke"-styled banner through the center.


Jason D-

Nice! I got a Tom Knox Everslick from http://www.oldschoolskates.com/ with some bullet 66's that I'm dying to get back on. Thanks for the reminder :-)


Second shirt down:

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