Old Boards In The Basement 
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Seeing these boards this weekend stirred up some memories. I have to dig out and scan my 'zines and photos from that period. You gotta see my hair, dude. Fucking ruled.

Totally gnarly.

A few went missing, broke, I sold or gave away. My favorite is still here though, the Corey O'Brien (link). I learned all sorts of kick-flips on that one. It was the second to last board I had before I quit and went to college. The final board I had was (not pictured) by Tom Knox.

Tom Knox was this kid who skated in Fresno/Tulare. He had a great style on street and would thrown in a 70's style turn in his runs of boneless airs and fancy kick flips.  I worshiped his style, and about the time I was quitting he had gone pro. I went down to the skate-shop and bought the board even though I barely ever skated. I still have that one in the closet somewhere.

That blue Caballero is signed by Steve Caballero, Lance Mountain, and Tony Hawk. Some skate jam in Fresno I think. My friend and I got up to go get his signature and he forgot his board where we were sitting, he ran back but it was gone. That was Damien, he died a few years later in a car accident. We were pretty good skating friends and used to take breaks and talk about our future and stuff. I still remember skating this parking block for 8 hours with him and learning how to do no-complies across this gap. Man that's hard to talk about, even now. I didn't even go to his funeral.

Notable Missing Boards:

--Original Powell & Peralta Rat Bones (gave it to Kevin Phillips who promptly sawed it into a hosoi copy)
--Hot Pink Tony Hawk, the one that was really narrow and had a lot of concave.
--Rob Roskopp #2
--Natas Kaupas - I just remember it being black. I'll have to find it online...
--John Lucero - It had an elephant on it. I loved that board but gave it away to some kid who ended up selling it.

Can someone help me identify that center Santa Cruz board? It had an "Enjoy Coke"-styled banner through the center.

Link: Six Apart - Mena's Corner: TypePad Update & Lessons Learned.

TypePad's reaction to their service interruptions was very cool. How can you not appreciate their candor? If I didn't have a TypePad site I'd be getting one after watching this unfold.

My sister IM'd me when she received her email about this offer, completely blown away by the fact that they'd do this. My response was: "This is why I told you to use them."