A few years ago I was into programming AIM bots. I wrote one for Metafilter that would scrape the RSS feed and send out a couple hundred IMs to people informing them of the latest posts to Mefi. I ran into the "too many messages" wall and gave up on the bot. I didn't feel like creating a web of bots, like my friend Phil Fibiger did, and so I let the bot die.

A couple years later Andy rigged his AIM bot to the Infocom interpreter, and let loose a few Infocom games to the world. It was wildly popular, and tonight while researching some AIM bots for something entirely different, I ran into something I hadn't seen in a while. Andy had registered infocombots 1-3, and someone else decided to register infocombot4.

As they say on the Internet, hilarity ensued (read comment #6).


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before this i wrote making a pie after this i wrote my top ten


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