Derek + Mike

Four Jobs I've Had

  1. Window Washer -- I had a job for one day! I washed windows for people in the downtown area of the town I grew up in. My first day I was washing the windows of a clothing store and I dumped a bucket of soapy water all over the front entrance. What did I do? Why, I just told anyone who wanted to come into the store to go away! Try the other store across the street! Don't slip! I got fired of course.
  2. Shaved Ice Person -- I served shaved ice to people one August while I was in college. My first check for the week was $238. I remember driving home thinking I was SET.
  3. Library Page (Beverly Hills Public Library) -- I would put books away when there were a lot in the carts. I would help people find books. My two week check was for $550 and I remember walking home thinking I was SET. I was eventually promoted to "Clerk", the difference being $1.50 an hour and I didn't have to put books away. I learned then that the ladder to success means less work and more sitting around on your ass. On a positive note I got to see Michael Jackson up close. Larry from "Three's Company", too.
  4. Porn Site Programmer -- Not as exciting as you might think. Saw a lot of people do drugs. My boss and the "talent" would always leave his office sweaty and excited. Yes, excited. I have so many stories about that place that I think it's best if I write about them on my LiveJournal page. Sorry!

Four Movies I Can Watch Over And Over

  1. Fight Club -- I know, I suck
  2. The Third Man -- I fucking love Orson Welles. Seriously, nobody could be better (or worse!) than Orson Welles.
  3. The Godfather -- Not 2 or 3, just the first one.
  4. The Searchers -- HOLY COW am I some sort of guy or what?

Four Places I've Lived

  1. Delano, CA - Born
  2. Los Angeles, CA - Lived
  3. Long Beach, CA - Nearly retired
  4. San Francisco, CA - Born again

Four TV Shows I Love

  1. Seinfeld - I got to see the "Soup Nazi" episode being filmed in the studio.
  2. Deadwood - I haven't watched this season, just loved that perfect first season.
  3. Lost - This season is "meh" but I do love it.
  4. Arrested Development - How predictable am I? I have actually loved a lot of shows (Newhart, Three's Company, The Monkees, Wonderfalls), but these are the ones that popped into my head. Strange how the movies go one way and the TV shows go another, huh?

Four Places I've Vacationed

  1. Rome, Italy - Rainy, but the people were sooo nice--up until that one cab driver...
  2. Venice - Rainy! But the most memorable. I nearly cried when we were taking a boat to the airport.
  3. Sardinia - Lovely/Empty. I'll go here again if I need to get away from everything. Everything except MTV. My GOD, Europe, run for your lives. It's going to destroy you and make you fat.
  4. Barcelona, Spain - A little bit too much poop, but the people were super nice. I liked the way everyone didn't act like I was a foreigner--except the time when the man asked me how to work the computer at the Internet cafe and I proclaimed in bad Spanish, "NO HABLO INGLAIS!" (I Don't Speak English!)

Four of My Favorite Dishes

  1. Amber makes this orange chicken thing that is great!
  2. Amber makes this steak stir fry that rules!
  3. The sushi at this place on 24th. The genius puts a type of salt on the top of his red snapper that adds a crunch. Seriously, it's genius.
  4. Breakfast, two eggs, two bacon (or sausage), juice, and toast at Herb's Fine Foods on 24th.

Four sites I Visit Daily

  1. [this is good] -- NO, not MetaFilter, you twit.
  2. -- The best one that is still running (barely)
  3. -- Best $30 I ever spent.
  4. DaringFireball -- Nothing makes me happier than a new DF post on a Monday morning.

Four Places I Would Rather Be Right Now

  1. Here (looking the other direction)
  2. Sleeping
  3. In Sausalit--OH crap I work there. This place is nice
  4. This is hard... I like where I am. I like where I live. Get back to me in a few years, I guess.

Four People I Am Tagging

  1. Amber
  2. Mat!
  3. Harper!
  4. Steve -- Not that I'd want to see Snarkout soiled with silly blogger games, but this like one of my favorite sites and I am incredibly curious about him.

Identifying a web programmer is easy! Ask them to spell "referrer.

My sister, it seems, has my number.

Sister: how are things with you? what are you doing this weekend?

Me: hi, busy weekend of drinking

Sister: drinking wow

Sister: cool

Me: hah

A few seconds pass.

Sister: i predict you will have 2 beers

Me: ...

Old Man #1 : He's even got his own DNS server.

Even Older Man #2 : He's got a what now?

Old Man #1 : I said he's got his own DNS server!

(at this point I'm laughing because I can't believe these two old men are discussing DNS servers)

Old Man #2 : Why does he have that?

Old Man #1 : I dunno, he likes the control, I guess.