Picture_11 Hi, I am annoying software that, when you attempt to uninstall will error out and tell you to mail someone.

Oh, and every day, even when you're not using it, I will bother you with a message saying you've used the app (even though you haven't).

Does anyone know any good software that will record screencasts and is not bothersome?



T .. you might wanna check out -


might not be much better but you never know.

Andre Torrez

Wonderful, thanks.


Andre: have you happened to figure out (or hear back) how to un-install Snapz for good?

Andre Torrez

Nah, they never wrote me back. Shitty.


Funny, I'm having this same problem. I installed this last week, opened it once, didn't care for it. The third or fourth time the nag screen came up I tried to use their uninstaller which crashed. Then I tried just trashing the app but I can't empty the trash because it still "in use".

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