On our flight back from Ontario I happened to read an article in the in-flight magazine about indie record shops. At one point they mentioned an LA record store that outlasted all the other hole-in-a-wall indies (No Life, Rhino, Zed's): Aron's on Highland, and how it had finally closed.

For a moment I felt a little sad about the loss of that shop...and then I remembered how much I hated that place and having to go there.

  1. The parking lot sucked. See this photo of it? That shot makes it look like a football field of glorious LA parking. Here's the truth. It sucked pulling up to the driveway and seeing about three other cars bouncing around trying to get their car out because they couldn't easily turn around and there was no parking.
  2. A few minutes in their used section and you could always find CD-R burns of albums. If you didn't make sure it wasn't an CD-R you'd find yourself at home with a cheap, home-made burn that you couldn't sell back to Aron's because they had a sign up that said, "We Don't Buy CD-Rs!"
  3. There's a reason people in movies who play record store clerks snicker at the music you buy.