I'd attend that conference.

Nothing against the recent conference that happened here, but I don't find the subject very interesting anymore. I think my motto is "run from enthusiasm".

Thinking about what is interesting to me: good customer support, "small + cheap", decentralized processing (ad serving has ruined my brain), my friend Leonard brought up off-web/on-web connectivity and I can't stop thinking about it. Leonard does that a lot. I used to want to do these little PDF booklets that could be printed but someone did it already. No fun now.

I find Netflix's delivery system the most fascinating thing I use on a regular basis that has web connections. I wish Dodgeball were more interesting but it isn't. I like the idea of that RSS service that lets you hear bands coming to your town, but ideas are cooler than the implementation unfortunately.

This is still true.

If I had a weekend to blow, I'd make my wall-mounted MUNI/NextBus parser. Every morning while putting on my shoes I load it on my phone. Sometimes I find out I have 2 minutes to run down the hill, sometimes I end up with 10 and slowly amble down and wait with the other fools. I don't have a weekend to blow, though.

My mom bought me Beautiful Evidence for my birthday. I read on the boat this morning and got inspired to create something—I will most likely create nothing.

Band is good. We have a song recorded over like two months. MySpace alert: sweetie.

I think we miss Los Angeles less these days. Today while walking along the bay to my office in Sausalito I think I may have forgotten LA for a bit.



LA hasn't stopped missing you two and me too.

Matt Haughey

I bet when those chumby things come out someone will make a nextbus applet for it.

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