Halloween 2006
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Me as Beard Papa and Amber as a cream puff. Heh.

evhead: The Birth of Obvious Corp.

On the subject of small, I think it's difficult for people to understand why small (really small) and autonomous is best. They are stuck in the the old-view of "We have to do everything or we're going to DIE". (or worse: we're going to have to take a second round of funding.)

Its unfortunate because small, focused groups intent on making a simple, useful product are all I ever want to be a part of. An absolute nightmare to me would be one of those drones working on some save-the-world SAP installation that never gets off the ground--or one of those startups with a million ideas on how to ignore what they originally were building in the first place.

One quote from his post made me pretty sad, because it illustrates of the shortsightedness in humans: "Nearly everyone I know in the Internet business is either at one of the giants, wishing they were at a startup, or at a startup that hopes get bought by a giant."

If we thought in 5 year chunks (rather than 6-month or even month-to-month) I think we'd see a lot more thoughtful, planned companies, and less people freaked out about diluting their stock. Also awesome: 401ks.

A book I recently enjoyed: Small Giants: Companies That Choose to Be Great Instead of Big