Flickr's 300,000,000th photo was uploaded last week, Alan actually let me know, which is funny because we met on Flickr back when it was a Flash chat environment with shoe-boxes. He guided me through the site and got me using it and I remember thinking people from FP were going to flock to it. It was a bit of fun, though I didn't really use it that much as I didn't have time.

Here's the first image I uploaded, file number 3430. Back when it wasn't photo focused. They didn't get so concerned about copyrights until Yahoo bought them, then stories of people's images getting removed started coming out so I hid this image. I just un-hid it as I'm told they don't really make a fuss until there's too much traffic going at it and flags get raised.

Here are the real early ones, though, Caterina's (#88) and Cal's (#74)—appropriately it's a test image.

I love Flickr and use it every day. You can see my own photo stream is a more accurate history of my life than this blog. In fact, I announced our engagement on Flickr before anywhere else. I didn't even think twice about doing this. And when people find out that's how the message was delivered to most of my friends they're a little bit surprised. It seems completely normal to me.



1437! Woo! Read it and weep!


What the?! First rule, you n00b!

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