Picture_2I didn't get to into it in my last post, but the other part of Coffee Break Spanish that impresses me is their adoption of good tools.

Their blog is run off of TypePad, an excellent blogging service  for businesses. I use TypePad specifically because I don't have to maintain or troubleshoot an installation, and frankly I don't have time in my life to fret over a bad database index or some dumb PERL requirement. Oh, I could run MT or Wordpress, and I know there are cool little things I'd love to do with my blog, but really, TypePad just works. I think this is why it's been such a hit with businesses who don't want to call up the IT guy every time something goes wrong with the blog.

I'm not familiar with the many podcast services and directories they use except for iTunes, but I can imagine they all increase awareness in their own way. And it looks like they use Feedburner to track it all which is very smart.

They sell course materials through PayPal, and printed shirts and clocks through Cafepress. For community boards they use ReadyBB which is hosted PHPBB.

Finally, they are paying attention to their listeners. Not long after I posted about finding their podcast, Mark,  the teacher, was in the comments so you know he's watching Technorati or at least the iTunes referrer log as I didn't link his site directly.

It's a 3rd party tool success story if there ever was one. As a web developer I'm interested in seeing where they take this, as a student I feel like I'm in good hands.


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