I just converted my Flickr Account to my Yahoo ID. It took longer to find my old Yahoo account, get the password reset, marvel at the complete ball of shit that Yahoo.com proper is, notice all my email at my old Yahoo address was deleted (that's a "kewl" feature they got there), than to click this button:


I always thought the job Six Apart did in acquiring LiveJournal was terrific. The most passionate, opinionated group of users on the planet seemed to (afaik) accept the purchase and appearance of ads with hardly a whimper. Of course, it's possible I wasn't paying attention, but it seemed to be very much a non-issue and I think the people at Six Apart and LiveJournal are the reason why it didn't become a fotolog-style blowup.

Flickr_logo_gammagifv1 I just received this notification that my "Old Skool" Flickr account is going to be migrated to Yahoo either by choice (I can change it by March 15th) or they'll just do it for me.

Fine, whatever, I think it's lame as I liked having my old sign in not tied to Yahoo but borgs will be borgs. The interesting part is they say:

"...95% of your fellow Flickrites already use this system and their experience is just the same as yours is now, except they sign in on a different page...."

If 5% of my audience, die hards from the early days (the ones who told friends who told friends), had decided on doing something a particular way and did not change for several years after being give a choice to—I just don't think I'd have the guts to email them telling them they were no longer allowed to make that choice.

Maybe 5% is an acceptable number, I really don't know how many users there are but 5% seems enormous to me.

I've never managed a user base the size of Flickr, but I'd have trouble clicking "send" to 5% of my "Old Skool" peeps if I was them.

I dont' think anyone will care about this on March 16th, but it's that initial communication and the following weeks where people will gripe and be annoyed at having to join or else, it really does feel like a bummer.

Also, Monday morning quarter-backing: They should have rolled out these new awesome features and said, “Sorry, your account can’t access them because it uses Yahoo API’s tied into login. Wanna switch?” Of course, knowing nothing about the infrastructure or time constraints ($) this probably wasn't an option, still, I wouldn't have felt so bummed about it.