Oh awful, after Jeff posted about the FizzBuzz problem people actually started posting their own versions in some sort of sad compulsion to prove they were capable to write five lines of code. It's like someone said, "Everyone should know how to tie their shoe laces!" and a hundred people untied and tied their shoelaces to prove they could do it.

Link: Coding Horror: FizzBuzz: the Programmer's Stairway to Heaven.



At this point, I'd settle for someone just vaguely interested in a job. I'll teach them PHP after the interview.


Don't forget that they also all spent a good amount of time arguing about who tied their shoelaces the most elegantly.


for my $i (1..100) {


Just kidding.

I've always said: programming is an unnatural activity. Only the strangely obsessed (and other assorted freaks) succeed.

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