190574512_a245c11184_t We take giant steps. When you are in love with someone, and trust them, it is amazing how easy the giant steps can be. Let's quit our jobs! We'll sell our cars! Move to San Francisco! Get engaged! Get a giant tattoo on your left arm as your FIRST TATTOO!

Giant! Steps!

This is my best friend I'm going to marry. She's this shining, happy, clever, incredibly talented woman who inspires me to be a better friend. She inspires me to take giant steps. Sometimes just to keep up with her, sometimes because she just believes I can take them.

And the best part is we always take them together.

Happy Valentine's Day, Amber.



This is so sweet.


Mr. Torrez, you are one lucky bastard. =)

Anil Dash

I like you people! The good guys are winning! YESSSS!


best wishes to you both


been reading you for years, and this is the best read yet. congrats to you both!


I am just so so happy that I get to take them with you.

We are both lucky bastards.

Cameron Barrett

Yay for both of you! Before long there will be the pitter patter of little Torrez feet getting into the cat food and sticking things ito the electrical outlets. Good times.



[t i g]


[this is mushy]



Many congratulations!

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