this kinda creepy or just an odd coincidence?

You may have heard that a pro wrestler Chris Benoit is believed to have (youtube) killed his wife, smothered his baby, and then committed suicide all very horrific and sad stuff.

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Here's the creepy part: police think someone edited Wikipedia announcing the murder before police, family, or anyone knew.

Here's the actual Wikipedia diff. A diff is basically a way to see how someone edited a file by pointing out the changes that were done. Here you can see the red part (", stemming from the death of his wife Nancy.") was added at 4:01am on June 25th—apparently hours before police had found the bodies.

The cool thing about Wikipedia is also the creepy thing: all the details are right there in the history of the article for everyone to see. Anyone can follow an article's history until its very beginning, so you're actually able to see the moment someone went in and altered the page to announce the death.

The other twist in this might be this person was simply a vandal who happened to get something right purely by coincidence. If you look at the IPs other edits, and talk for that IP it's full of references to vandalism (e.g., Replaced page with 'piss').

A few hours before that IP edited the page another vandal was at work adding information like "In 2007 Chris Benoit won the presigious 'Sucking Ass' award for sucking ass in the ring and being the worlds most boring wrestler."

Either way, pretty creepy.